What to Wear for Cherry Blossom Photos

Cherry Blossom photos outfit ideas in virginia beach

We (myself included!) get warm-weather happy and forget that photos sessions are usually going to happen during the coolest parts of the day. I’ve done them as early as 7am with temperatures in the 30’s.

Which also means we’re starting to venture back outside for family photos. But don’t be fooled: Its still cold.

What to wear for cherry blossom photos

What to Wear for Cherry Blossom Photos

What to wear for family photos is the number one question I get as a family photographer. I tried for years to ignore it, but it can make a big difference! Thankfully the cherry blossoms can be quite forgiving. 

Its tempting to jump into a spring dress but don’t forget its still chilly! Your session will most likely not be during the hottest part of the day. While Mom and Dad can fake being warm, the kids will not. To avoid tears and chattering teeth, dress the kids in layers – leggings, real shoes (not flip flops), a coordinating jacket or sweater, and layered button ups or pull overs for the boys

Cherry Blossom Tips for the Whole Family

  • Don’t forget its still cold! Kids will not fake being warm
  • Dress in layers
  • Keep it light and neutral overall

Cherry Blossom Outfit Ideas

Light and bright is the best way to go with a little added contrast. Light pink, white, even a baby blue are beautiful compliments to the pink blossoms.

I suggest staying away from greens if your location is surrounded by grass. Add in something dark like a navy blazer for Dad or denim for the boys. Round out the the palette with neutrals like oatmeal and white and you’re all set! 

But what about patterns? Big, bold patterns are usually a no-go for photos. But small, micro checks or stripes are welcome, especially if it’s layered under a pull over sweater or jacket. 

Mom: white, pink, neutral dress, layer with sweater/cardigan/jacket

Dad – khakis, light grey chinos, button up, pull over or blazer, Sperry’s

Girls: Leggings, a dress and sweater or cardigan

Boys: Pants, pull over sweater and/or button up, real shoes like boots or Sperry’s

Check out my Pinterest board for visuals.

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What NOT To Wear for Spring Family Photos

What not wear: pencil skirts and pleated slacks. Overly dressy clothing can look out of place in family photos (unless formality is the goal.) Outdoor locations like the the park and beach are typically too relaxed for business casual attire. 

Keep in mind every rule can be broken. When in doubt, reach out directly to me!

Always dress to feel comfortable and confident. Shoot for a better version of your every day self. Check out past mini sessions to see what others did:

What to wear for cherry blossom photos
What to wear for cherry blossom photos

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