After a wild ride of having four babies in five years, I refined years of journalism and mommin' into an actually-enjoyable family photo experience. 

Turn a blind eye to misbehavior, talk a lil potty talk, make it a competition, and say yes! (Srsly, don't say no during the session)

Look, if the kids aren’t having a good time, no one is right?  Of course I'm right! More time doesn't make anyone cry less

Its easy to get lost in the daily grind of meal prep, homework and baseball/soccer/football practice. The days can feel long but the years are short. Time isn't slowing down. 

So let's stop. Remember what's most important about motherhood and freeze your crazies just as they are - equal parts beautiful and ridiculous.  

Bring on the loud +
the crazy

My best training came from my own kids - THE SUBTLE ART OF PERSUASION: KEEP IT FUN!


keep it fun.

What I bring to every session:

  • Bribes
  • Baby wipes
  • Bobby pins
  • Blanket
  • Tequila - for emotional support
  • Hair ties
  • Wrinkle releaser
  • Bucket - a target for toddlers

You'll know me by my big blue IKEA bag full of: