3 Tips for Unique Real Estate Agent Photo Ideas

Realtor headshots female

The real estate business can seem really saturated sometimes. The best strategy for setting yourself apart is being unapologetically you in your social media, marketing and website. There is no end to real estate agent photo ideas.

Real estate agents need clean photos that showcase their personality and expertise to potential clients.

The best real estate agent photo ideas feature the agent in a polished and approachable manner. A headshot with a neutral or light-colored background is a classic option, but adding some visual interest can make a photo stand out.

Consider incorporating the agent’s logo or branding into the photo.

Outdoor shots with natural light can also be effective, particularly if the agent works in a scenic area.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a photo that helps the agent build trust and credibility with your audience and potential clients.

The Prep Work for Real Estate Agent Photos

In Amanda’s case, her target audience is very similar to herself: moms and military spouses that move often.

In her consultation, we chatted about how plans to use these photos in the end. For her, its mostly social media (instagram) but some emails, potential printed pieces and website.

When it comes to social media, we broke down her pillars, her message and client journey.

That’s where we struck gold! The value she offers to her audience is unique to her life, her circumstance and her perspective. So we collaborated on a shot list that would serve her, her messaging and ultimately her clients!

That is how you come up with real estate agent photo ideas that are unique to you!

3 Tips for Real Estate Agent Photo Ideas

1. Be unapologetically you

Its easy to snap into a professional “this is how we’re suppose to talk and act” persona when we get in front of a camera. But stop it. Be YOU. It takes time – a lot of time- by just failing forward. You’ll get there!

2. Know your target audience

You can’t solve problems no one has. Make it less about you and more about them. What are their needs, wants and desires?

3. Know your end goal

Branding photography is much different than families and weddings. There’s way more planning and strategy involved. Know how you’re going to use these images in the end work backward.

Photographers are everywhere on this gorgeous island but finding professional photos Honolulu can take some work. With all photography, start with the end goal in mind. If you’re looking for professional photos, how will they be used?

  • Social media
  • Print media
  • Website

Each one those have different specifications like aspect ratios that must be considered when capturing the photo (not every image can be cropped to a square!)

What about your brand or professional personality? Do these need to be traditional headshots or are you looking for a lifestyle approach that is laidback, fun, vibrant or thoughtful?

Do you want your images to be

  • Bright
  • Moody
  • Traditional
  • Lifestyle
  • Vibrant

All these play into the end goal of the image – their use and their look and feel. And you need to hire a photographer that can create what you’re looking for.

I’ve been photographing people since 10th grade. I have a photojournalistic background and a fun, vibrant approach. I like to give you something to DO so you’re not feeling awkward about what to do with your hands.

How Branding Photos Work

Branding photography is much different than families and weddings. There’s way more planning and strategy involved. With families or weddings, a photographer gets a basic understanding and then shows up. He or she is a fly on the wall for the most part (aside from some specific protraits)

Branding photos are completely engineered with the end goal in mind first.

That end goal is then supported by location choices and props.

Wardrobe is decided by branding visuals for consistency. At the very least you don’t want to wear bright pink if your website is all earth tones.

That’s why every branding session comes with a one hour consultation

We spend an hour together planning – and all decision makers are invited! That could be a web designer, marketing agency, stylist, whomever!

I review your current social media and web presence.

We spend the whole time planning with the end goal of the images and reverse engineer a shot list.

  • What the client journey?
  • What are the knowledge gaps?
  • What are their problems? Do they know they have these problems?

Examples of Realtor Headshots Female:

Real estate agent photo ideas by alison bell photogrpaher
Real estate agent photo ideas by alison bell photogrpaher
real estate headshots female
Real estate agent photo ideas by alison bell photogrpaher
real estate headshots female
real estate headshots female
real estate headshots female
real estate headshots female

Conclusion: Real Estate Agent Photo Ideas

Real estate branding photos may look like its all be done. But your audience is a visually savvy a knows what stock photography looks like – and selfies for that matter!

Invest in yourself and in your brand for quality, custom headshots and branding photos you can use for years in the future.

Your images will elevate your brand, your trust and and your audience!

I find joy in chaos. The louder, the better!

I'm a USMC spouse, South Carolina native, recovering homeschool mama of a 4 boy circus. They've taught me the most important facet of family photography: KEEP IT FUN!

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