Rainy Day Things To Do With Kids

rainy day things to do with kids in virginia beach

Rainy Day Things To Do In Virginia Beach – with kids!

It’s raining at the beach! The kids are stir crazy in the hotel/airbnb – what do you do?!

Here’s a list of kid-friendly indoor things to do in Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.. and couple with a long drive!

Rainy day things to do in Virginia Beach

The usual suspects you’ll see over and over are:

And they’re solid choices. But there’s a lot more to do… and as of spring 2022, the aquarium wasn’t worth it. Yeah I said it.

Indoor Things to Do At the Beach | Oceanfront

1. Flipper McCoy’s Arcade & Laser Tag

Over 150 arcade games from the old school to new stuff, including a laser tag arena. Located on Atlantic Ave between 22 and 23rd streets.

2. Beachside Social

Shuffleboard, only cool! The place is decked out in a vintage cruise ship style. They’ve also got bocce ball and a myriad of board games included. It also helps there’s a fully stocked bar.

The staff will give you a fabulous run down and demo on how to play… then have it! We actually took our church youth group here!

Located on Atlantic Ave between 27 and 28th Streets on the second floor. Courts are rented by the hour no matter how many people are playing making it very economical for groups.

beachsidesocial by Alison Bell, Photographer

3. Family Fun Experience

This is a live theatrical show most nights of the week.

My friends rave about the Family Game Night! Think Nickelodeon style family games – kids and parents get up on the stage to participate in ridiculous games like drawing with a pool noodle.

They rotate multiple shows every few months, and even have a Christmas themed show.

  • 16th Street Oceanfront 
  • $16 for adults
  • $12 for Ages 3-12
  • Military & Senior discounts
  • Check their website for show dates
indoor things to do in va beach

4. iFly Indoor Skydiving

25th Street and Pacific Street on the Oceanfront

Exactly what you’re thinking – a wind tunnel and flying in a tube! Minimum age requirement is 4, and there is no height requirement at the VA Beach location!

Downside: its pricey. Flights start at $66 for 2 flights per person

  • Pricey
  • No good for toddlers
  • Open 7 days a week 9a-9p
  • Opens as early at 8:30a on the weekends!
  • Book in advance
rainy day things to do with kids in virginia beach, indoor skydiving, ifly va beach

5. Virginia Aquarium 

Just over the bridge from 5th Street, The Virginia Aquarium has sea turtles, seals, sharks, and komodo dragon.

Like most aquariums, its super kid friendly! There’s lots to see! There’s even a dolphin tour boat ride that goes out from the aquarium. I believe its covered! But double check me.

  • Open 9a-6p, 7 days a week
  • Adult $24.95
  • Child $19.95
  • Senior discounts 
  • Parking $5
  • Dolphin watching boat tour option
IMG 8868 by Alison Bell, Photographer

6. King Neptune Mini Golf  

Its mini golf that is indoor, 3D & blacklight! How is it 3d? I have no idea!

  • 25th Street & Pacific on the Oceanfront 
  • Open 10a-10p
  • 4 and under Free
  • $7 ages 5 and up
  • Group rates start at 10 people 

7. Ice Cream Tour

Each of the local ice cream shops in Virginia Beach offers flights! Yes, just like a flight of beer! You get one scoop of 4-6 flavors for about $9. Hit up 3-4 ice cream spots and you’ve tried a lot of ice cream!

I listed out our favorite, locally owned, operated and small batch ice cream shops in this blog post.

It includes Blue Cow Ice Cream, Lolly’s Creamery, Gerald’s Ice Cream Bar and Gelati Celesti.

All of these are just a few miles apart!

Best Ice cream in Virginia Beach

What To Do When It’s Raining At the Beach | Inland

1. Military Aviation Museum | Pungo

The Military Aviation Museum is the world’s largest privately owned collection of 65 planes restored to flying condition. The collection goes back to WWI and covers the first 50 years. 

This would be good for any small boy. Even the youngest kids seem to be able to point an airplane out of the sky!

  • Open 9a-9
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Adults $15
  • Youth 6-17 $7.50
  • Kids 5 and under free
  • Senior and military discounts 
rainy day things to do

2. Top Golf

Right off 264, this is three-story covered driving range. It’s all digital and open air. It’s good for any kids 6 and up. Younger kids could do it, mind my warning about the edge!

One thing they don’t advertise is that each player needs a membership card. Its a one time $5 membership per person… even the 5 year old! Unless you have one of these back home… it may not be worth it!

With kids 7 and under, I recommend staying on the first level to avoid parental heart attacks!

I took my four boys for a birthday and I about jumped out of my skin as my youngest two jumped for joy – BACKWARD and toward the edge!!

  • Open 10a-11p, 7 days a week
  • Prices change based on time of day and day of the week
  • Discounts before 12pm
  • $5 membership per player
  • 6 People per bay (Call for updated restrictions)
  • Full service restaurant and bar
  • Would be rough with toddlers!
rainy day things to do

3. The Nauticus & Hampton Roads Naval History Museum | Norfolk

The two are in the same building!

The Hampton Roads Naval history Museum is one of several museums world wide run by the Naval History and Heritage Command of the US Navy (at least that’s how it seems. Does anyone REALLY know?!)

Per all things military, exact info is hard to find, but I did it! 

  • Free 
  • 10a-5p Tuesday-Sunday
  • Closed Mondays
  • 2d Deck (floor) of the Nauticus campus downtown Norfolk. 
  • (757) 322-2989 Front Desk
  • HRNavalMuseum@navy.mil 


5. Apex Entertainment

Anything you could ever think of under one roof:

  • axe throwing
  • arcade
  • laser tag
  • mini golf
  • ropes course
  • bowling
  • escape room
  • bumper cars
  • go karts

And the price tag to go with it! Which is why we haven’t gone. 🙂

6. McArthur Memorial

General Douglas McArthur is actually buried in Norfolk, VA because it was the hometown of his mother, even though he never lived there.

“The MacArthur Memorial is a museum and research center dedicated to preserving and presenting the story of the life of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. The Memorial also pays tribute to the millions of men and women who served with General MacArthur in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Situated in downtown Norfolk, VA the Memorial consists of a museum, archive and research center, education center, theater, welcome center, and a gift shop. A visit to the Memorial will allow you to explore the life of one of America’s greatest and most complex leaders. Admission is FREE.

If you’re game for a long drive… 

If you feel like a drive… or its a rainy day… Drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore.

1. Brown Dog Ice Cream in Cape Charles | Eastern Shore

A long drive and a $20 toll. We had no idea when we first went!

Cape Charles is a fabulous coastal town on the Eastern Shore that grew up around the ferry before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was built. Its tight streets and old architecture give it oodles of charm.  

They make small batch ice cream in house from locally sourced ingredients. They have a year round flavor list but bring in limited seasonal flavors regularly. 

My fave is the banana pudding! 

rainy day things to do with kids in virginia beach

2. Art Museums at Colonial Williamsburg | Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is amazing in fair weather. But their indoor Art Museum houses more than paintings – its tools, cookware, furniture, toys and tradespeople. 

Check out their programming before you decide, they may have something especially interesting! 

  • Open 10a-6p
  • Under 6 Free
  • 6-12 $9
  • 13 and up $15

Did you find this list helpful? Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

rainy day things to do with kids in virginia beach

I'm a USMC spouse, South Carolina native, recovering homeschool mama of a 4 boy circus. They've taught me the most important facet of family photography: KEEP IT FUN!

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I'm a USMC spouse, South Carolina native, recovering homeschool mama of a 4 boy circus.

They've taught me the most important facet of family photography: KEEP IT FUN!

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