Military Uniform Photos: No Ceremony Required

Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA

You don’t need a reason to get military uniform photos. Just wanting photos for posterity or your future self is enough! Your family with thank you.

Types of Military Uniforms

There are so many different types of military uniforms, and every branch of military service has their own variation of each:

  • Cammies or fatiques for dirty work
  • Jumpsuits for mechanics
  • Dress uniforms
  • Service uniforms (military equivalent of a suit)
  • And then there are seasonal variations of each – long sleeve, short sleeve, wooly pully! IYKYK!

Can you take photos in military uniforms?

Short answer: usually. Every branch has their own rules. We’re a Marine Corps Family. Marines are not permitted to where cammies off base in public. But as long as we’re doing photos on base in an authorized area, we’re totally good. Those photos of us I’m allowed to share publicly because there’s no operational security issue.

That leads us to another consideration –

Operation Security (OPSEC)

Then there’s this really big thing about operational security. This varies by service member and your person will know. I have photographed a client that while he could be photographed in uniform, the images could not be shared publicly because of his position and MOS.

In this case, I honor that OPSEC whole heartedly. Usually when a client requests to keep their images private, it does incur a fee, but not so with OPSEC.

Why take photos in uniform

My most favorite reason to take photos is because it will be the only thing that lasts after you career. You may have kids what will have no cognitive memory of your time in service and you need photos to share your history, their history and your service. They will thank you later.

Or maybe you don’t have kids yet at all. But I guarantee you’ll want photos to share decades from now.

You don’t need a big event like a pinning, homecoming, change of command, or retirement ceremony to do photos. We can incorporate into a family session or do your own ‘branding’ session just you, in uniform.

However, the most common reason is for promotion boards. In recent years most branches of military service have restructured what used to be called Combat Camera into a Public Affairs Office or similar. In order to be considered for promotion, service members must submit a full length photo of themselves in a service uniform, with very strict requirements like: a White background and a certain amount of space to allow for their height and weight classifications to be clearly written. I don’t offer this kind of photo at this time.

Where to take photos in uniform

My favorite place to take military uniform photos in the Hampton Roads area is just outside the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk. The light is stunning and you don’t even need to get on the ship!

For a full list of ideas on where to do military photos in the Hampton Roads area, check out this blog on where to do a military ceremony.

SWO Case Study

Liz reached out to me at the end of her 8-year Navy career. Her and her spouse were both Navy officers and she was getting out of the Navy. Liz knew she wanted photos of herself in uniform to share with their future family. I was so ecstatic that she had the forethought to think about this and actually execute!

She had no idea where to do military uniform photos – but I did! We met on a summer evening as the sun was setting and we were both thrilled with everything about how they turned out!

Have you thought about doing photos in uniform? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Time is a thief and you will not regret it. Your future self will be so grateful!

See Military Uniform Photos

Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA
Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA
Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA
Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA
Military uniform photos at the USS Wisonsin in Norfolk, VA
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