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Lifestyle Photography Defined | Saturday Sessions

What is in-home Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is photographing people, YOU, in your natural environment doing normal things. It’s documenting the bath time routine, or the joy and chaos of cooking in the kitchen. 

According to Mark Delong, lifestyle photography “tells a story” that “gives the viewer a sense of the life they’re viewing.”

Is it awkward? No way!

in home family photo session lifestyle military family pcs move

Before the in-home photo session:

First, we’ll chat. We’ll talk on the phone about what you want to capture or remember. We’ll chat about what your family likes to do together – wrestling, eating, cooking, video games, jumping on the trampoline, etc.

We’ll make an informal list to be our game plan during your photo session.

How do I prep for an in home photo session?

Before the session

Remove clutter. This is not an organization intervention. This is toss-it-in-a-tote-and-shove-it-behind-a-door.

Close said door. Done.

Note: we’re removing clutter – mail, magazines, school papers that can’t find a home.. or the trash can. Not the toys left out or puzzle everyone is working on. 

When in doubt, I’ll help! 

What will our family do during a lifestyle session?

Play! You’re going to enjoy your people and do the things we planned, loosely working down the list.

During my own lifestyle session we: 

  • made pudding (bc the boys were a bit obsessed with it and they made it on their own weekly) 
  • played aggravation at the dinner table
  • wrestled on the living room floor
  • read a book on the couch
  • played legos in a bedroom
  • pillow fight on the master bed
  • combed hair in the master bath
  • measured the boys’ height on the growth chart
  • ran down the stairs
  • tied shoes 
  • got a family shot with the whole house and dog

Not bad, right?  

More ideas:

  • The bedtime routine – giving littles a bath, brushing teeth, reading books in bed
  • After school routines – snacks, homework, making dinner? reading aloud? 
  • swinging in the back yard, 
  • Laying in a hammock
  • Coffee/drinks on the patio/porch, 
  • Playing with the dog
  • Video games
  • Tickle fights
  • Nerf war
  • Dance party

Sorry my ideas are a bit testosterone driven! Ha! #lifewithboys

in home family photo session lifestyle military family pcs move

How long does a family lifestyle photography session last?

1-2 hours depending on our goals.

When should I book a family lifestyle session?

Now. Why not?

Your house has no seasonal or weather concerns.

Email me now to see what’s open.

Where will we shoot during a lifestyle photo session?

Where ever you are comfortable.

Being military I like to get plenty of wide shots that capture our house because we’re only there a short time. I like mixing it up with kitchen, living room, master bedroom, kids’ rooms and dining table. 

But this is completely up to you! Do plan on living room, kitchen and master bedroom. 

What will the photographer do during a lifestyle session?

I’m going to get in there with you. I’m going to set up the scene by placing everyone and I’ll give direction. Mostly I’ll keep reminding you to smile!

COVID conditions: I will be wearing a mask. I will wash my hands immediately entering your home. I will maintain whatever distance you are comfortable with. This does make me unable to wrangle toddlers. 

I’ll be moving around getting lots of angles

I may tell some jokes.

I’ll definitely encourage some silly behavior and potty talk

Work down our list of fun things to do! 

What I will not do:

  • Ask you to look at me
  • Pose you
  • Bring props 

What do we wear for an in home lifestyle session?

Clothes! Yup, no naked parades, sorry.

Something comfortable. A better version of your every day self. No long flow dresses here! 

  • Simple or no patterns
  • Neutral or light colors
  • Dark colors in moderation
  • No neon
  • No words

But the best things to wear are the FAVORITE T shirts regardless of what they look like. In 10… 20 years I want your kids to say “Oh man I LOVED that shirt!” (Or pajamas, costume… socks… anything!)

I have a styling service specific to family photographer. Join the Waitlist to get access to it now. But don’t worry about coordinating colors or styles. This should be representative of daily life. 

Ready to book?! Hit me up now and let’s make some magic!

in home family photo session lifestyle military family pcs move

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