Where to Get Family Photos Taken for Large Families – The Number 1 Place

Best location for extended family photoshoot by alison Bell, Photographer

Where to get family photos taken when you have a large extended family with anywhere form 12 to 17 faces? I have one place.

But first, there’s several factors to consider both as a photographer and as a mama.

As a photographer, light is always first.

Location Requirements as a mom:

Most of my photography skills come from mom life because if the kids aren’t having fun, no one is! Where to get family photos taken first to needs to consider the audience: the kids! What are their ages? how many are there?

Kids can be kids

We need a space where the gaggle of young kids isn’t distracting or disturbing other people. We’ll be asking the kids to be still and smile enough, when they’re not in front of the camera, let them be free!

Easy access

We’re not hiking to a great spot. We’re just not. Even if there’s a stroller, or Dad carries the baby, its not happening. We’re not going to break mom into a sweat in full make up and hair, or ask the kids to walk a distance and then expect them to be cheerfully compliant during the session. That’s a recipe for disaster. Leave the adventure trails for the couples!

Space for a crowd

Its obvious but a narrow wooded path wont fit 10 people. We need space enough not to be crowded.

Location Requirements as a Photographer:

As a photographer I know not every place is going to look beautiful and have great or even decent lighting. Where to get family photos taken needs to consider the kids but also be worthy of photography.

Light is right

None of us want dark circles under your eyes. Between direction of the sun, time of the year, and time of day, light must be right if there’s no shade.

Simplicity that doesn’t distract

With a dozen or more faces in a single frame, the background becomes more important. We want simplicity that doesn’t distract from the faces or compete. We want the final photos to be easy to look at, not jarring or tough to find the focus.

The Number 1 Location for extended family photos is:


It ticks off all my requirements as both mama and a photographer.

  • Kids can be kids, run, scream and play
  • Easy access with no hiking – there are some access points we can drive onto for elder parents
  • Space for a crowd
  • Light is right although at different times of the year this gets tricky for babies
  • Simple background that doesn’t compete or distract

Keep scrolling and you’ll see gobs of examples of large family photo sessions I’ve taken on the beach!

Where to Get Family Photos Taken

Family photos can be taken in a variety of locations, depending on your preferences and the style of photos you want. One option is to hire a professional photographer and have the photos taken in a studio or outdoor location. This can be a great choice for families who want posed and formal photos. Alternatively, you can take photos at home or in a familiar outdoor location that has special meaning to your family. This can be a more relaxed and candid option, and can create a comfortable environment for young children. Another option is to hire a photo booth for a fun and interactive way to capture family memories.

But to bring out the personality and connection you’re looking for with a crowd, the beach is best place to get family photos!

Tips for Extended Family Photos

Nothing is easy about extended family photos, but its always worth it and I’m here to support you every step! But the hardest part is done: Everyone will be in one place at the same time!

Date: I always start as early in the week as possible – before anyone gets a sunburn, and several options for weather back ups.

What to wear: I have a whole long write up on this one!

  • When in doubt, pinks and blues are easy and look good on everyone at the beach

Photographer: There’s so many to choose from! Tick of these basic requirements:

  • Has experience with familiesa wedding photog will not work here bc bridal parties are not the same as a gaggle of kids.
  • Is FAST This can make or break your experience! A slow photog will make for a painful session with kids begging to be done. I’ve experienced it myself!
  • Is flexible in your travel dates. You have a short window and weather is real. Make sure there’s a back up plan if the first date doesn’t work.
  • Will come to you. Make it easy on yourself and make sure you don’t have to transport your crowd further than absolutely necessary. Less stress!

My Favorite Locations In Virginia Beach

My favorite outdoor place to do family photos in VA Beach is the North End Beach. But I’ve got a list of options and and what makes them work:

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Our active duty USMC family is headed to Oahu, Hawaii summer of 2023! From Okinawa, Japan to Virginia Beach and now Oahu, Hawaii, beach family photos are my speciality! I believe the beach is the best place to get the most natural, beautiful photos of you and your people. Bring me your crazy!

Where to get family photos taken by Alison Bell, Photographer
Where to get family photos taken by Alison Bell, Photographer
Extended family photo session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer
Extended family photo session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer - where to get family photos taken
Extended family photo session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer
Extended family photo session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer
Extended family photo session on the beach by Alison Bell, Photographer
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I'm a USMC spouse, South Carolina native, recovering homeschool mama of a 4 boy circus. They've taught me the most important facet of family photography: KEEP IT FUN!

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