Where to Buy Maternity Clothes In Person Virginia Beach

Where to buy maternity clothes in Person Virginia Beach, VA

Maternity clothes can be tricky.

When do you need them? Do you REALLY need them?

If you’re like me, you might need two sets! I got so big I need two sets by the time I was full term. #truestory

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When do you buy maternity clothes?

Generally, the 2nd trimester is when you want to start looking at maternity clothes. It all depends on how you like your clothes to fit, and how your body is growing, and even your body type.

This can vary so widely. Its very personal.

If you like your clothes to fit tightly, then you’ll probably want a new waistline sooner than later.

If you’re on your second or third pregnancy, your body could pop into preggo mode faster than the first go around.

Hacks for maternity clothes

In the beginning you can finagle it – a rubber band through the button hole of your jeans, or just switching to leggings will do for a while.

A men’s button up with a cinched belt around the waist is also very effective.

My favorite were knit dresses that hit the knee. It got me to the third trimester when it was way too short to be appropriate.

North End virginia beach family maternity photos with alison bell, photographer
Alison Bell, Photographer

What maternity clothes should I invest in?

You’ll wear your maternity clothes during the 4th trimester…so invest wisely! Here are the items you’ll need quality:

  • Leggings
  • Jeans
  • Versatile dress – casual or dressy
  • Light jacket
  • 2-3 quality Shirts

You’ll find that every pregnancy is different and you’ll be drawn to different styles with each one. You may live in leggings then only wear dresses the next. Invest in versatile and classic pieces that can be worn over years, but also from early pregnancy through the several months post partum.

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Where to Buy Maternity Clothes In Person in Virginia Beach

These are shops in Virginia Beach where you can physically walk in and try on maternity clothes. If I missed something, please email me and let me know! I’d love to add it.

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