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august 2023

alison bell, Oahu family photographer

Whether you're staying a week on Oahu,  local to Kailua, or want some relaxed shots at your hotel in Waikiki, I specialize giving you something to DO so you connect with your family no matter where we are.  

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family photos done in minutes, not hours.

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Kids are crazy. Work with a photographer who gets it.

I don’t charge for ‘extra’ people because I don’t believe anyone in your fam is extra”

I'll help you with what to wear.

Get family photos done in a fraction of the time.

With 12 years of experience working with families, you'll be delightfully surprised when we're done.

Four babies in five years taught me everything I need to know about family photography: Keep it fun & fast.  My journey started with girl scout badge which morphed into science fair project on film speeds and silver halides and led me all the way through college, graduating from the University of South Carolina with an glorified yearbook degree in Journalism & Visual Communications! 

With no time for trial & error, there was only one rule - keep it fun! So here's some advice: turn a blind eye to misbehavior but don't be afraid to give yourself permission for light potty talk; turn everything into a competition or game so that everyone feels like they've won something – and above all else say "yes and..."

I'm Alison, your fun and hilarious photographer.

The true test came when my boys were born back-to-back.

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keep it fun.

Whether you're  feeling the nagging pull to do regular family photos or it's your first time to Hawaii - I've got you covered! While there's nothing 'easy' about family photos, I help at every step and make photo day fun and delightful.... even for dad.

fun + fast

I believe in making this as easy as possible when preparing for a family shoot. Stalk my work & notice how at ease everyone is.

What you won't see: stiff and awkward.  My photo shoots are quick and painless for everyone.

As your family photographer, I want to make this experience as easy and painless as possible. Family photography sessions can be delightful and fast!
You'l never regret having too many photos... but you may regret not having them at all. 

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Planning and preparing for the best photography session starts from the moment you book. I am here to make sure your session, from start to finish, is easy and painless. Together, we will decide on colors, clothing and plan the perfect location for your family photography session.

Family photography sessions take preparation and planning, but the second step - the photo shoot itself - can be both fun and delightful. This is the time to fully show love, laughter and create beautiful memories together. Even dad won't feel awkward in front of the camera! I have secrets up my sleeve to give you something to do. I take control!

The final step is the easiest—I come alongside you to make sure your beautiful photos end up on your walls, not stuck in a hard drive. I want you not only to record precious moments with family, but also to easily bring them into the physical environment around you within a couple weeks without any hassle.

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