Ft Story Family Beach Photos

Fort Story Beach family session Virginia Beach VA

JEB Fort Story Family Beach Session

Fort Story Beach is unique in Virginia Beach. The best thing? Almost no people! This particular evening there were just us and two other families/couples doing their own photos.

Ft. Story Beach sits on Cape Henry, right at the north tip of Virginia Beach and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Being on base, its easiest to have base access. It not impossible to get on without an ID, but you’ll need a sponsor and/or go through the rigamarole of a guest pass. Of course, that can change so call the JEB visitor center before you go.

If you’re not military, check out this post on my favorite beaches in Virginia Beach and why I like them. It also includes two I don’t like and why. Its a good planning resource!

89th street is a great second option. It’s the final street before Ft story and has a lush boardwalk. It does not have access to the lighthouse or as much wildlife.

Another perk: Cape Henry Lighthouse and dolphins! We saw dozens of dolphins at one time feeding.

Fort Story Beach family session Virginia Beach VA
Fort Story Beach family session Virginia Beach VA
Fort Story Beach family session Virginia Beach VA
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