After a wild ride of having four babies in five years, I decided to refine my skills in photography and make it more than just a girl scout badge. My journey began during science class, where we learned about film speeds and led me all the way through college, graduating from the University of South Carolina with an glorified yearbook degree in Journalism & Visual Communications! 

With no time for trial & error, there was only one rule - keep it fun! So here's some advice: turn a blind eye to misbehavior but don't be afraid to give yourself permission for light potty talk (as long as you're comfortable); try making things into competitions so that everyone feels like they've won something – and above all else say yes if your kids are asking nicely & smiling goofily at ya :)

I'm Alison, your fun and hilarious photographer.

The true test came when my boys were born back-to-back.

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keep it fun.