3 Killer Reasons to Shop at Polish Boutique Virginia Beach

polish boutique virginia beach

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I rave about this place. I get so many compliments on my sweaters from Polish Boutique! My Thanksgiving sweater was a convo starter everywhere from parties to Costco. Not kidding!

There was a one week period I went in twice with immediate needs and the girls had exactly what I needed. 

Alison Bell, Photographer dress in Polish Boutique to work the USMC Ball.

The first time was the day of the USMC Birthday Ball, our first ball in 2 years, and I needed a clutch to match my sparkly formal dress. Check, they had it. 

Two days later I was booked to photograph a USMC Birthday Ball and I went in again with very specific needs: it must be comfortable, breathable, and elegant.

I was working a formal event but still needed to be able to move without sweating. I literally walked in with the pants and shoes I intended to wear and said “this is what I need, what do you have?!”  Sarah nailed it and I wore it out of the store (true story, she scanned the tag off my back).

Since then we’ve collaborated on several things together:

  • See my favorite postpartum tops for newborn photos at Polish Boutique
  • Ashley & I went live on Instagram last fall about what to wear for family photos.
  • Ashley photographed my crew for our Christmas cards.

How Polish Boutique Started

Polish Boutique opened just a few months ago in September of 2022. It is the brain child of Ashely Knox & Sarah Winstead, BFFs that met at MOPS when their babies were little. Now all in school, they’ve got a crew of XXX ages XXX between the two of them. 

Most boutiques, in my experience, are very narrow – narrow in color, in style, and in options. What I LOVE about this shop is the variety and color. They’ve got everything from sassy matching sweatsuits to shiny cocktail dresses. And their color palette includes everything from earthy tones to bright and vibrant (my personal fave). 

Interview with Polish Boutique

Ashley & I chatted in the store and here’s what she had to say: 

How did you get started? 

Sarah has a background in fashion, I have a background in marketing, TV and photography, but my sisters have had Polish Boutique for 15 years in Mobile, AL. Opening their second location here in Virginia Beach seemed like a natural fit for us. Great Neck, our neighborhood, needed this. The women here showed up when we opened. The loved the convenience of a neighborhood boutique. The grocery store was our biggest marketing plan! You just run into the store real quick!

What’s your style?

Me and my sisters growing up were all different sizes. My sister, Amber, as the buyer, learned to shop for everything, every size, every day elevated fashion. 

What sets you apart?

We try to make it feel like you’re shopping in your bff’s closet. We hire friendly, kind people with a great fashion sense. 

As a photographer, myself, I definitely love to play on color and textures and how they come through the camera. I can look at skin tone and figure out what looks best on them. I can give an opinion if its not working. I want people to look polished! 

What’s your favorite part of the job? 

Oh there’s so many. I love friendships new and old. I’m seeing people more than before when I was stay at home mom. 

polish boutique virginia beach

How can people shop?

In store. 

We felt like the world needed to touch things, try them on, feel the textures, see the fabric. 

We will ship and sell on social. – add IG link. 

What’s a piece of advice you’d give new moms now? 

Take it in. Don’t worry about your house. My body has changed 50 times since having kids. Ten years later I wish I would have just loved my body enough to give all that energy to my new baby. You don’t get a new baby back. You can get your body back but not that baby. 

We love it when mamas bring their strollers in! We’re happy to watch you baby while you shop. We have a fitting room specifically designed to fit a stroller. 

I would recommend lunch at Black Angus or Bagel Baker next door with your girlfriends and shopping. 

3 Reason to Shop at Polish Boutique Virginia Beach

  1. They carry loads of colors and styles
  2. Ashley is a photographer and can help you with what to wear for photos
  3. They’re happy to watch your babes while you shop!


They have really great prices too!

In short, this shop is worthy of your time. Follow them on Instagram to see whats new in store. If you see something you like, do not wait! The best stuff sells fast and there’s always new things coming in. I’ve been disappointed on a number of items I put off.

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