Lifestyle family photography is more natural to me than anything else, so it was good to get back to it with these guys.  I like catching authentic interactions. The fun thing is that there’s a lot less cajoling small kids.  They’re at home, in their element, and showing me all their cool stuff.  That alone brings smiles to their faces. Its easier on Mom & Dad too! (But someone is still going to cry! We have evidence) To me, these are the kinds of photos and memories we’ll appreciate most when these days are gone.

We had a marvelous streak of clear, quasi warm weather leading up to the day of the session.  And per Alabama weather policy, the bottom dropped out the day of. It poured and poured and poured all morning! We intended to get out in the backyard, but that just didn’t happen.

Make sure you scroll all the way down and get a good look at the last photo, in just a few weeks there’ll be a small addition! Can’t wait to recreate that shot with baby!

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Every family is different –  what would your family being doing if you had a lifestyle session? Tell me in a comment!


Alison Bell is a lifestyle photographer currently living in Okinawa, Japan specializing in families. Contact her at for booking. She lives with her best friend and Marine, and their four lively boys.