Its the slow season in the photog world.  But I am busy with projects! Oh how I love projects.  And for some reason I am super into Valentine’s Day this year.  I don’t know what happened but I saw something valentine related a few weeks ago and I am hooked. Maybe because it’s also my birthday, but more likely because I love the preschool age. Any reason to decorate or have a party is welcome here!

My mission for this season of projects is to use only what I have on hand and to teach some Biblical truth. I reread 1 Corinthians 13 looking for inspiration. Have you ever noticed that is a list of things that love is NOT? If I recall correctly, it only gives two affirmative attributes to love (attributes I could teach a new 4 year old): Love is patient and love is kind.  Have you ever tried to describe what it means to be ‘kind’?  Not just nice, but loving kindness? Like its not nice to receive discipline, but it is kind. Yeah, that doesn’t go over too well. So we’re focusing on how love is patient. I’m in the process of making a cut out banner to go along with my fabric bunting, also still in progress (but so close to complete!).

And sifting through Pinterest I found some great Vday art that was focused on Christ, not us from Antsi-Pants. I haven’t read much her work, but I completely identify with her headline.  I can’t sit still either. Inspired by her mantle work, I created a print out version. I love the idea of painting but I’m terrible at lettering and too cheap to buy decals… or the canvas. I do however have card stock, ink, and a frame. I haven’t framed it or put it out yet.. It’s still drying on the printer.  One thing at a time, folks.

UPDATE: Ta-dah! 8×10 Ikea frame already on-hand.

Free Valentine Printable | Birmingham Family Photographer

And I’m also sharing my Love Is Patient Banner. I used an exacto knife to cut out the letters.  A meditative and calming task for me.

Valentine Free Printable

All that to say, why not share it? Download the 11×14 PDF here. Just fit to page when printing for 8×10

Free Valentine Printable | Alison Bell Photographer

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