This week’s theme is silence. A few of us in the circle were chatting about how little silence we all have with sweet babes in our lives.  Silence is usually a bad thing in our house. Silence means someone is playing in the toilet, emptying clothes out of a drawer, or otherwise engaging in mischief. And when they’re caught, there are loud squeals of delight, running from the scene of crime and/or jumping over furniture.

This time none of that happened! I was making dinner when the sound of silence provoked me to check on them and I found this. This had never happened before, hasn’t happened since, and only lasted a few minutes.

Helena Alabama Photographer

Toddler and preschool boys sitting, together, and quiet. Whhhhaat?! Rocked my world.  I love seeing them like this. The memory of this image is engrained in my head.

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What made them so quiet? I massive block of ice with a few forgotten toys frozen in it.

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