This week’s Project 26 theme is minimal. It goes hand in hand with something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and trying to use more of in my photography – space.  I generally like to get up close in my portrait work. Wide apertures, sharp details and shallow, shallow depth of field. But lately I’ve been stepping back, placing or creating the scene more. Large backgrounds are my favorite things to look at in old photographs – what did a baby swing look like in the 80′s? Check out that old toy we STILL have, or whoa, what were we thinking with the brown carpet? Even better, comparing multiple generations learning to walk around the same coffee table.

So when I cut out all that ‘noise’ or ‘visual clutter’ I cut out something I’m going to want to see in 10, 15 or 30 years from now. And hopefully it’ll be something my boys will want to see one day too.

We’re living a transient lifestyle in the Marine Corps.  We don’t intend to come back to Birmingham,  and we’ll go through several more states (or countries?) before we’re finished. We won’t get to drive by our old house, or see what the boys’ first school looked like, or watch our church grow out of a public school.

Documenting weird things like going to the grocery store and his first classroom is, well, weird.  But then I think about it and I’m willing to be the creepy mamarazzi even when its embarrassing  (saying “I’m a photographer” usually helps but it makes me feel pretentious).

And you know what? Most of the photos of my kids aren’t even ‘good.’

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This could also be considered busy, but for my style it’s minimal, and spacious! Check out my most favorite minimal shot from this same beach posted earlier this week.

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Alison Bell is a lifestyle photographer currently living in Okinawa, Japan specializing in families. Contact her at for booking. She lives with her best friend and Marine, and their four lively boys.