This fam was a joy to work with. JOY. They relaxed and forgot I was there, just how I like it. Kids are always good at cutting the awkward, but these two were particularly good! Did you see my video on Instagram of the little one shaking is bum?? Go see!

This location at the Gala is a favorite for everyone but we were surprised (and I’m sure the other togs were too!) when we were kicked out! The lady was quite nice giving us a heads up that they were closing, but we thought we could just walk around the gate so we brushed it off.

NOPE. There’s no walk around for it. She stood waiting, staring at us and the other folks mid-session.

Also, the Torii itself is roped off, so there was no getting close to it. Thankfully we were a short drive to another beach.

I hope this isn’t my last session there.


Okinawa, yomitan, gala, red torii

Torii, Gala, Yomitan, Okinawa, Family, Child, Photographer, photography

Alison Bell is a lifestyle photographer currently living in Okinawa, Japan specializing in families. Contact her at for booking. She lives with her best friend and Marine, and their four lively boys.