Would you believe, I found someone with a pet rabbit AND they let me borrow him?! He had a leash and all! I felt truly Okinawan. One of our first experiences, first outing with friend, was to see the Cosmos of Kin where we saw our first pet rabbit, on a leash. I felt awkward and giddy all at the same time.

Can I also say I was NERVOUS! But not for the bunny. Kurashiki dam lets the grass grow beautifully long then cuts it all. You never know where or when they’ll do it. I’ve seen some gorgeous sessions done out here, but I largely avoid it because I can’t rely on that tall fluff to be there.


Bunny, grass, kurashiki, okinawa, spring, half-priced mini session Bunny, grass, half-priced mini session, kurashiki, okinawa, spring, baby, hat

Alison Bell is a fun family photographer currently living in Okinawa, Japan. Soon to be Quantico, VA summer 2019. Connection and imperfection is the name of the game! Contact her at alison@alisonbellphotographer.com for availability. She lives with her best friend and Marine, and their four lively boys.